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Mindfulness and Meditation Series

  • Living Free Healing Center 1 Williamsburg Lane suite C Chico, Ca 95926 USA (map)

Class description and weekly schedule:
Thursday, April 4

·       Understanding the mind: the shaping of shadow, early development from preverbal to social to now.

·       The Truth of Suffering (4 Noble Truths & 8-Fold Path)

·       Breathing consciously and entering into the inner dimensions of being.

·       The Practice: Diaphragmatic Breath, Ujjayi (Victorious) Breath, Nadi Shodhanam (Purification of the nervous system)

Thursday, April 11

·       Touching Shadow: learning how shadow controls lives

o   Attending to Sensations, feelings, emotional spikes, thoughts, beliefs.

·       The Practice: Constructing A Safe Place ~a guided meditation.

 Thursday, April 18

·       Welcoming Shadow: through observation & non-reaction (repression/expression) we can learn from Shadow

·       Breath & Guided Meditation: Dialogue with Shadow

 Thursday, April 25

·       Meditation on Forgiveness: Ho’oponopono

·       Forgiving self/Forgiving others

·       Lovingkindness Meditation: Blessing self, other, Earth

 Thursday, May 2

·       Crafting a Practice that Works for YOU

·       Mantra: a vessel for Meditation

·       Walking Meditation Thich Nhat Hanh

·       Stepping Forth

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Earlier Event: January 9
Community Shamanic Healing Ceremony
Later Event: May 4
Holy Fire® Reiki Level 2