Feng Shui and Energy Clearing

by Wendy Bruson


Contact Wendy Brunson for assistance in releasing stuck energy in your home.  She also provides Feng Shui advise to provide a better flow of nurturing energy that enhances all of the areas in your home and life.  You don't need a new home or new furniture to feel like you're living in a new home. 

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About Energy Clearing and Feng Shui

Our homes are a collection of not only the living inhabitants (humans, pets, plants, etc.) but also items that have been brought in and placed.  Appliances, furniture, pictures, decor and clothing are a few items that share your space and also bring their own energies into your house.  

Ideally, your home is a mishmash of living and stationary items that bring you joy.  That could be a new appliance that creates ease, health and inspiration as your family prepares a meal, or a candle that a friend purchased that made them think of you.  A healthy plant enhances your home's oxygen level and complements your own body's feelings of health.  Perhaps pictures of your family line the walls of your hallway and you cant help but smile when you walk it's length.

Adversely, you may have a broken appliance that you have meant to fix, but realize it's been taking up space, causing annoyance when you catch its glimpse.  Your plants are dead or dying, but continue to take up space in the dingy corners.  You walk through your hallway and realize one or more pictures that stare at you are reminders of a very rough time in your life that hasn't been processed thoroughly and bring feelings of unease.  After cramming a stack of ripped and threadbare towels into your over-crowded linen cupboard, you feel a wave of anger heat your body but move onto another project.  Maybe it turns out you really don't like the candle your friend gifted you.  Maybe hearing political leaders speak through the computer/device and /or television brings feelings of futility, outrage, helplessness, annoyance....the list is yours to compile, but you also may feel hopeful for a change  but aren't sure where to start.

Energy is brought into our homes in a variety of ways. Thoughts and feelings are the burly muscle that moves through our space causing both pleasant energies that fuel our cells AND stuck, unpleasant energy that fuels our cells.  Do you feel great in your home? Do you sleep well? Do you fee your health is optimal? What about your finances? Are there places in your home that feel wonderful and others that feel dark, empty, crowded or maybe a feeling you can't explaining? Energies come and energies go, but occasionally energy gets stuck.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing energy and creating balanced energy movement in one's environment. The philosophy behind Feng Shui is that if the outer environment is in balance, the inner self is also in harmony.


You may notice that the energy in your home feels "stuck" from time to time.  A home energy clearing or cleanse is the removal of these stagnant energies that are often associated with emotional pain, anger or other "negative" experiences in the home. The ancient tradition of removing negative energy from physical spaces is still practiced to increase your overall sense of wellbeing. 

A little more About Energy

Everything is energy, energy is merely the vibration and frequency of a thing, thought and even an action. You may have heard the term vibration or "vibes". This term is simply the description of a specific frequency that a thing, word, emotion, thought or even person is vibrating at. You may sense that something is a "lower vibration", for example, you feel sad or angry during an argument. A "higher vibration" is just that; the joy we feel when laughing, or the highest vibration of all: Love. All of our services offered at the Living Free Healing Center are here to help you create more balanced energy within your life, body and your home. Contact us if you have further questions or check out our events page for upcoming classes to learn more about energy and ultimately, yourself.