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Yoga and Meditation

By Jane Miners


Gentle/Restorative Yoga

Tuesday & Thursdays
7:00 AM - 8:15 AM

Gentle/Restorative Yoga
4:00 PM - 5:15pm

Personal One-On-One Sessions
By Appointment only

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Yoga with Jane

One-on-one sessions and Gentle/Restorative classes that are designed to meet you where you are, whether you are a beginner or advanced, or have physical limitations, Jane is ready to help you find more balance physically and mentally through yoga.

Classes are limited to 6 students so that you receive the attention and guidance you need. One-on-One sessions are also available for personal guidance so that you feel comfortable and confident in your practice. 

Check out our classes or schedule a personal session with Jane Miners.


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About Jane

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Yoga and Reiki have been an integral part of my healing journey….without my personal yoga practice, I don’t know that I would have the understanding of energy that I have today. When practicing yoga, one is able to become aware of the energies in the body and the ability to bring more balance and flow within the body.

I believe that yoga is a personal journey that connects us to ourselves, each other and to spirit. There are no standards one must achieve to practice. We don't have to be flexible or look a certain way to do yoga. To practice yoga, we only have to honor where we are in this moment. 

I have been practicing yoga since 2002 and find that everyday I must be humble with my body. Everyday my body feels different...some days I am excited to practice and energetic. Other days I feel tight, tired or unmotivated.  Every day is a practice in kindness toward myself and where I am emotionally, and physically.  I have learned that yoga is a practice of honoring the self on all levels.

I believe that Reiki and yoga are wonderful tools that can help empower ourselves to heal and find acceptance and flow to life in all circumstances. I also feel that if you practice yoga no matter your shape, size, age, gender or ability...your life will improve. It isn't hard to practice, you just start exactly as you are. There are ways to practice no matter what your life looks like because yoga is more than how deep you can get into a pose; yoga is about listening to yourself.  Yoga is breath, yoga is mindfulness; a way of life.